Know The Pro's & Con's of Going Freelance

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Know The Pro's & Con's of Going Freelance

The road to self-employment success can be long and hard. You have to manage your time and money efficiently. Pay is not always regualr and can be insecure.You’ll work alone and make cuppa’s for one. Starting your agency is hard, but the results can be amazing.

Get it right and you’re free to be as creative with your projects as you are flexible with your working week! You can set up office in a coffee shop or another continent – and there’s no cap on your potential income. For me, I had to be in an office environment to make the most of productivity.



  • Freelancing offers a much more flexible lifestyle, letting you choose when and where you work.
  • You control your own workload, with the freedom to pursue the projects you really want.
  • There’s no limit on your earning potential, so you could make a lot more money.
  • You can branch out into new creative areas without going through the whole rigmarole of changing jobs.



  • Nobody pays for equipment, software or days off, and you won’t have any company perks

  • Freelancing can be lonely – you might miss the support and camaraderie of working in a team.

  • There’s no guarantee you’ll get work or make money, so you could find your cash flow dries up.

  • Working alone means being responsible for every decision and having to learn from your mistakes.


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