Why You Should Work For FREE!

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Why You Should Work For FREE!

But I should be charging like £10K for that project, I’m a pro? Thats right, isn't it?!

Nope. Wrong!

When you start out, you have absolutely no clients. Zero! Nil. So you should simply do a little bit of free work. "But why?", I hear you ask. 

Work gets you seen, if you have no work on your portfolio or even have a portfolio, then how are new paying customers going to find you, approach you and give you paid work? 

You can add some of your free work to your portfolio and begin to win paying customers. You can also use the clients that you did work for, (for free) – as case studies and ask them to leave you reviews on your social platforms, google and use this as a testimonial on your website or portfolio site.

This will be a great start to growing your client base, giving you some experience with an actual real-life – Yes real life customer! It'll also broaden your knowledge on how to deal with customers and you should gain a bit more insight to how the process works! However, this can take years to learn how to deal with customers (but not to worry, we will write some more free content for you on this matter)!


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