Poster Power! Great Posters & How to Make Them

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A poster can be many things; a tool for advertisers, a means of propaganda or a call to arms. But in order to persuade or provoke, a poster must first inform and engage. This book introduces the key conceptual and graphic elements that make up a great poster through simple text, illustrations and activities.

Young readers are encouraged to think about how to marry two concepts to convey a single message; how to exploit the power of the diagonal and to consider how different typefaces impact on the words they are spelling out. Alongside these activities run reproductions of seminal posters through the ages by artists including Milton Glaser, Abram Games and Tomi Ungerer. In the back of the book a selection of collage materials can be used to create incredible compositions.

Designer: Teresa Sdralevich
Pages: 88
Publication: 2017
Binding: Softbound book